Beautycounter Fragrance Clean Eau De Parfum, primary and secondary packaging developed and designed as part of the packaging team at Case Agency.
(All photos belong to Beautycounter).

Poster, Packaging
Poster and lighter packaging design for alternative/indie band, Cryogeyser.

The design and illustrations are inspired by the abstract and hand-drawn images commonly found within the hard-core and DIY rock scene.

Killing Thyme
Motion, Print
A reel edited and designed to advertise Killing Thyme’s most recent workshop at Usal Orc. Includes custom designed titlecards and a printed flyer to guide participants through the workshop’s prompt,

Surya Spa
Packaging, Identity
Surya helps restore balance and health, and makes wellness, vitality, and longevity available to everyone, everywhere.

Designed as part of the packaging team at Case Agency focused on redesigning the bath and oil SKUs for Surya.

Into the Interior*
How do different places make us feel and behave?”
*Into the Interior is a publication that explores psychogeography, adulthood, emotions, and art through the use of maps and mark making. Visual and written works investigate the role of tactility and displacement in an increasingly digitally dependent age, post-pandemic.

13.78 x 19.69”
12 pages, broadsheet newsprint.

Pacifico Dance Co.
Identity, Apparel
Rebrand for Pacifico Dance Co., an L.A. based non-profit organization dedicated to the performance and preservation of traditional Mexican dance through the reconstruction of choreography and dance training.

The Phone Booth
This smart-phone free event held at the last classic phone booth in Los Angeles explores an opportunity to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect with more analog forms of communication. Through letter writing, participants write messages to share with loved ones by entering the booth.

Type treatment, color palettes, and iconography were influenced by old rotary dial phones along with landline telephone cords.