Into The Interior*
Publication Design, Website
How do different places make us feel and behave?”
*Into the Interior is a publication that explores psychogeography, adulthood, emotions, and art through the use of maps and mark making. Visual and written works investigate the role of tactility and displacement in an increasingly digitally dependent age, post-pandemic. This publication was accompanied by a poster and website.

13.78 x 19.69”
12 pages, broadsheet newsprint

The Phone Booth
Visual Identity
This experimental event held at the last classic phone booth in Los Angeles explores honest interactions. A smart phone free event meant to offer an opportunity to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect with more analog forms of communication through letter writing in order to share with loved ones via telephone call.

Posters, stationary set, and website.

Love is Stored in the Kitchen
Visual Identity
Love is Stored in the Kitchen is an eighty page publication exploring the sacred relationship food plays between the members of minority families, friendships, and partnerships. Through this collective of essays, short stories, poems; and photography I was able to study how love can be displayed through food and its warmth. This book was made in honor of my Mexican-American upbringing and the experience of growing up at my mother’s dinner table. 

6.25 x 10.25”
80 pages, exposed binding;
french link and kettle stitch